WPE Summer and Winter Programs

Whole Person Education (WPE) Summer and Winter Programs are off-campus excursions for experiential learning, and engage students in practical activities, such as field studies, social services, sports and outdoor challenges and cultural exchange. Every year the Whole Person Education Office (WPEO) offers a variety of off-campus programs, which are organized in cooperation with partner organizations and institutions in both domestic and overseas destinations.

Announcement and Application

All programs will be announced through email, website and posters on campus, and introduction meetings will be held for interested students. Students can apply to WPEO by submitting the completed application form within the given deadline.

Download Application Form

Student applicants may be invited for a personal interview before being accepted for the program. Accepted students will receive further information and are required to participate in preparatory meetings or trainings held before the program. Please note that programs may be cancelled due to low student enrolment or other reasons.

Program Evaluation

WPEO conducts a regular program evaluation to collect feedback from participating students and assess the learning outcome of organized programs. Students are encouraged to complete the evaluation questionnaire, and provide comments and suggestions in order to further improve the WPE off-campus programs.

Access Evaluation Questionnaire

All information given by students will be used for the sole purpose of the WPEO summer and winter program evaluation and will be kept confidential.