The GEO was established since the College’s inception. It is guided by the CGE on matters of policy as well as the implementation of the GEP.  Different from the parent institution, teaching staff members are recruited under the GEO to offer courses in areas other than the major academic disciplines offered by the three Divisions.  Currently, the GEO offers foundation courses in World History and Civilization to all students. It also offers GE electives in philosophy, religion, music, arts, law, health and sociology.  Part-time teachers are also recruited to offer courses such as art appreciation, public speaking, as well as some interdisciplinary courses in areas of interest.

As an administrative unit, the GEO is responsible for ensuring the availability of GE courses to students and their quality. It also has the responsibility to ensure that all GE courses at UIC are designed to align the programme intended learning outcomes (PILOs) of the GEP and the graduate attributes (GAs).