Shawn Wang

Dr. Xiang WANG (Shawn WANG)
  Acting Director of GEO


Area of Expertise

History and Civilization of the One Belt One Road (一带一路的历史与文明), World Religions (世界宗教), History of Buddhist Manuscript Libraries (佛教写本图书馆史), Buddology (佛教学), Spiritual Classics (灵性的经典), Chinese Religion (中国宗教), East Asian Studies (东亚研究), Religious Studies (宗教学), etc.

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Dr.Nazrul Islam
Associate Director of  GEO

Area of Expertise
Medical Sociology/Anthropology, Public Health, Gender and Sexuality, Environmental
health, Health tourism, Ayurveda, Chinese Herbal medicine, Cultural impact of

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Supporting Staff

Ms.Stacey SU

Ms.Carol HUANG