General Education Programme

Similar to its parent University, UIC subscribes to the ideal of Whole Person Education through offering a range of courses focusing on transferable skills, guiding principles on attitudes and values that are crucial to students’ professional and personal developments. To achieve this goal, in addition to major areas of study, UIC has put in place a General Education Programme (GEP) since the inception of the College in 2005.

GEP intended learning outcomes (PILOs) 

  • PILO1. Communicate effectively as speakers and writers in both English and Chinese (Language courses and other);
  • PILO2. Access and manage complex information and problems using technologically   appropriate means;
  • PILO3. Apply appropriate mathematical reasoning to address problems in everyday life;
  • PILO4. Acquire an active and healthy lifestyle;
  • PILO5. Use historical and cultural perspectives to gain insight into contemporary issues;
  • PILO6. Apply various value systems to decision-making in personal, professional, and social/political situations;
  • PILO7. Make connections among a variety of disciplines to gain insight into contemporary personal, professional, and community situations.


GEP graduate attributes (GAs)

  • GA1. Have a broad range of general knowledge (knowledge);
  • GA2. Be able to think critically and creatively (creativity);
  • GA3. Be an independent, lifelong learner with an open mind and an inquiring spirit (learning); 
  • GA4. Have trilingual and bi-literate competence in Chinese and English, and the ability to articulate ideas clearly and coherently (communication);
  • GA5. Have the necessary information literacy and IT skills, as well as numerical and problem-solving skills, to function effectively in work and everyday life (skills);
  • GA6. Be a responsible citizen with an international outlook and a sense of ethics and civility (citizenship);
  • GA7. Be ready to serve, lead and work in a team, and to pursue a healthy lifestyle (teamwork).