As in all other College programmes, academic quality is upheld through both internal and external audits. The internal audit involves the GEMC as well as the College Academic and Administrative Quality Assurance Office, while the external audit was completed through the external examiner’s system.

1.Quality Assurance System at UIC

The College quality assurance system is in place to ensure that all courses offered by the College meet the standards of the HKBU. The College quality assurance system is supported by an internal and an external audit system.  

2. Internal Audit

Besides the built-in teaching evaluation procedure for all courses at the end of the semesters, the Board of Examination is a sub-committee under each programme management committee.Because of the large number of courses offered each semester, each Division has its own examination board. Members of the Division/Programme course board automatically become members of the Board of Examination. They will be responsible for ensuring all courses are taught and students are assessed according to the established guidelines. On the other hand, courses offered by GEO, ELC and CLC are also audited by the Board of Examination under the CGE. The Board will meet to evaluate exam papers, exam outcomes and problem cases if any. The CGE will receive examination results from all programmes and submitted to the College Board of Examiners and the Senate for final approval.

3. External Audit

In addition, the College also established an external examiner system. External examiners are HKBU faculty members who are invited to review the GEP examination outcome. They will also provide input to the programme and recommend changes as deemed necessary.