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As every year the Whole Person Education Office will offer summer programs open to Year 1-3 students. There are various programs, focusing on outdoor experience, voluntary service, arts experience and sports . If you are interested, please attend our introduction meetings or contact the organizing WPEO centers.

WPEO Summer Programs 2017:

1) Silk Road - Summer Experience and Surpass Program 2017 - 2017体验与超越之旅---丝绸之路
Introduction 宣讲会: Feb 28th (Tue), 6:30 pm, T501
Contact 联系方式: Rambo Wu, TEL 3620920, AEC 户外拓展教育中心

2) Yunnan Outdoor Leadership and LNT Training Course 2017 (NEW) - 2017云南户外领导力暨无痕山野训练课程(新项目)
Introduction 宣讲会: Feb 28th (Tue), 6:30 pm, T501
Contact 联系方式: Jill Liu, TEL 3620919, AEC 户外拓展教育中心

3) Cambodia Summer Voluntary Service 2017 - 2017年柬埔寨义工服务暑期项目
Introduction 宣讲会: Feb 28th (Tue), 6:30 pm, C205
Contact 联系方式: Thomas Kilian, TEL 3620900, VSDC 义工服务发展中心

4) Thailand Summer Voluntary Service 2017 - 2017年泰国义工服务暑期项目
Introduction 宣讲会: Feb 28th (Tue), 6:30 pm, C205
Contact 联系方式: Connie Lai, TEL 3620202, VSDC 义工服务发展中心

5) Sports Adventure in Switzerland Summer Program 2017 - 2017年瑞士体育探险夏令营
Contact 联系方式: Yishan Tang, TEL 15818977019, PEC 体育中心

6) Experience Latin Dance Culture in Spain - 西班牙拉丁舞蹈文化之旅  
Contact 联系方式: Kathryn Liu, TEL 3620197, PEC 体育中心

7) Experience American Fitness Science[NEW] - 美国科学健身之旅(新项目)
Contact 联系方式: Tao Yu, TEL 3620190, PEC 体育中心

8) Qin in Summer 2017[NEW]- 夏日琴旅——2017UIC全人教育古琴研习夏令营(新项目)
Contact 联系方式: Mandy Li, TEL 3620927, ACDC 艺术文化发展中心

9) Germany Bauhaus University Visual Arts Design Program(NEW) - 德国包豪斯大学视觉艺术设计课程(新项目)
Introduction 宣讲会: Mar 1st(Wed), 6:00 pm, SHCV-1-105
Contact 联系方式: Jamie Dong, TEL 3620906, ACDC 艺术文化发展中心

At the introduction meetings we will give you detailed information about each program and answer all your questions. Application forms can be downloaded from the WPEO website: http://center.uic.edu.hk/en/wpe/activities/summer-and-winter-programs. Students can only apply for one summer program, unless the programs are organized at different times. Year 4 students are not eligible to participate in any of the above programs, as all programs will start in/after July 2017.

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